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Hello there, it is soooooo hot today in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I live, that I have decided to not have lunch.

I don’t know about you, but it is hard for me to chew and enjoy my food with sweat running down my forehead, back and neck.
Yeah, that’s how hot it is. I think it hit 35-36 celcius today. Not just because it’s still dry season here. Although, this dry season has gone on for a bit too long. Usually in October, rain starts to fall. Nothing yet until now ☹

So on days like these, when it is so hard to munch food, I actually really listen to my body and not eat, but drink more.
Yes, of course there is AC in my house, but I never out on air conditioning until the sun sets. Why? I just find it more natural, even though I’m sweating like a (cute) pig (and looking like a fox ha ha )

You see, when you crank up the AC in times of heat for the whole day, your body does not get hot and it tricks the mind to think that it is not hot and automatically, you will drink less, whereas in reality, it is blazing scorching hot and the body NEEDS hydration and only by NOT being in 24-7 air conditioning (AC) will our minds know that. That is the way I see it, I hope it makes sense to you.

Also, cranking up the AC will only contribute to making your environment an even hotter place. Uh-huh.. Have you ever gone outside to stand in front of your AC’s outdoor unit? Give it a try and tell me how hot it is. Then multiply that by the number of people cranking up AC all day, everyday. Offices, malls, cars, schools, you name it. It makes me wonder sometimes, if we all did it together for just a day of no AC, I bet we would feel cooler air straight away. But, we need to try that together. Everybody at the same time.

Well, that is my opening line and now here comes my recipe. It’s SO SIMPLE, you will not believe.




1 cup frozen chopped pineapple
1 cup almond milk ( or other plant based milk)
2 cups of loosely packed Swiss Chaard, stems/ removed, leaves chopped (or greens of your choice)
1 T tahini
1-2 passionfruit (scrape the insides )
1 tsp lemon juice
½ tsp powdered stevia


Blend everything in a high speed powered blender and enjoy. Oh wait! Take a picture first, tag me on instagram @sophienavita then enjoy. HA !!

Tahini is just ground down sesame seeds. So peanuts make peanut butter, almonds make almond butter, and sesame seeds make … TAHINI . Please don’t ask me why, they baptized it to a different name altogether haha!)

If not using frozen pineapples, make sure you blend this smoothie with ice cubes and make sure your almond milk is cold ☺

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  • rini hastuti says:

    solo juga panas sekali mba Sophie :(
    harusnya ini sudah mulai musim hujan ya mba, tapi mataharinya masih kenceng banget.
    eh itu bikinnya gampang banget mba, tinggal diblender semua ya berarti. will try this soon :)))

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